Life cycles and the Outer Planets: Uranus


August 9, 2014 by ameshall66

Today’s post will focus on the actions of the Uranus life cycle. If you haven’t yet, check out the post on Saturn as well.

So, while Saturn is an unyielding push, a great channel that we get forced through, the action of Uranus is very different. First discovered in 1781, pretty much by accident, Uranus reflected a time of great upheaval and revolution both in the newly formed United States and also in France. The energy is just that, revolution, upheaval and massive change.

Uranus has an orbit of about 84.3 years. With such a long return cycle, which, frankly a lot of people may not live to experience. Most astrologer focus on the opposition which happens at around age 42. Paired with the Saturn square, these two outer planets give a one-two punch that fuels the infamous ‘mid-life crisis.’ The feel of the two forces however are very different. Saturn is insistent, compelling and disciplined. It doesn’t give in, so you must, it’s like a waiting game or that game of staring down that we did as kids to see who blinks first. Saturn doesn’t blink.

By contrast, Uranus is the jolt of electricity that startles us, awakens us and forces us into action. It’s seldom gentle. It cures the malaise and dissatisfaction of by forcing overturn and revolution. Shock and awe is the name of the game. With this transit you might come home from work to find you clothes packed and sitting on the curb. You might have your boss call you into the office to say you’ve been reassigned to some exotic locale. It need not be bad, it just typically is unexpected.

In general, the energy of Uranus is more easily dealt with by those with more fire and cardinal energy in their chart (a strong Aries for instance) who take this kick in the pants and run with it as opposed to those with fixed and earth or water signs (sorry Taurus, you like things how they are). Either way, the transit can be best managed by accepting this sudden new course in life and embracing it whole-heartedly.

In doing work with someone experiencing a Uranus transit or opposition, I would recommend some of the power roots like John the Conqueror or Queen Elizabeth root. One’s ability to quickly master the new situation implies the use of items like master root, master of the woods, five finger grass and Sampson snakeroot. If the transition is especially shocking or emotionally difficult, Calming products and a bath that might include althaea and lavender would be a good idea.

Stay tuned for the next blog post on Neptune and all of its illusions and delusions…


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