Life Cycles and the Outer Planets: Neptune

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August 14, 2014 by ameshall66

As the third in the series (see the posts on Saturn and Uranus if you haven’t already), Neptune holds the most interesting challenges yet. Taking 165.79 years to full orbit the sun, no one sees the full return and few see the opposition. We mostly see it at the square, which (sorry folks in your 40s) happens around, again, 41 or 42 years old, the opposition late in life at around 82 years old.

Neptune brings with it a certain haziness as boundaries and borders are dissolved. A spiritual awakening is possible, but what was once certain and solid ground has become vapor. During a triggering transit by Neptune one might experience the positive aspects of increased creativity and artistry, romanticism and spirituality, all a result of crossing the boundaries and a deep sense of subjectivity. That same subjectivity can fail us. We see what we want to see; we hear what we want to hear. We can quickly fall victim to delusions and being sabotaged through our blind spots.

If you have identified Neptune as the agent to trigger some aspect of your natal chart or you are experiencing the Neptune square or other aspect, keep in mind that you may be misperceiving things or that things aren’t as you wish they were. To help with that, touch base with friends and family who will provide a reality check. Lean into the positive aspects of the transit – develop your spiritual acuity. You might find that your sense of intuition and psychic awareness are heightened. It’s a good time to get in touch with whatever you personally perceive as the divine.

Neptune is also related to chemicals and alcohol, so avoid the temptation toward indulging in alcohol or narcotics as those can get out of hand during this period.

Psychic Vision oil on the third eye might be a way of opening up to the invisible. Baths and incense also work well during the Neptune transit. Anything grounding – I’ve mentioned Clarity oil before, but I find John the Conqueror root or Master root to be helpful in keeping your feet on the ground.

Speaking of feet, Pisces (the sign ruled by Neptune) is related to feet. Ironic, as fish don’t have feet. But focusing on the grounding aspect of the feet, dressing the feet with Van Van oil, Crown of Success, or Victory oil or dusting with a sachet powder from a similar line would be a nice habit during the transit period.


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