Mercury Retrograde October 2014

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October 21, 2014 by ameshall66

In case you’ve missed the bullet so far, this October’s Mercury Retrograde (a period where Mercury appears to be traveling backwards in the sky) has been a doozy. Mercury has made its path backward since October 4th through the sign of Scorpio. I try to keep a pulse on its effects with my clients and with social media forums and almost unanimously, the feel has been for lots of miscommunication stemming from mistrust or perceived deceptions (secretiveness being very key to the Scorpio way). This has resulted in some very vicious and downright hurtful conversations. Words have taken on the Scorpion’s stinger for sure.

The best course of action in practical terms is to keep a cool head, give people the benefit of the doubt on what they have to say, ask for clarification and if things get too hot, just walk away for a bit.

Some Mercury oil or even Mercury Retrograde oil on a yellow candle would perhaps fend off some of the worst. If it’s gone too far already, look to ease the tension with Lavender oil and Peaceful Home products.

Mercury goes direct on the 25th, and day past that would be a good time for deep emotional introspection and perhaps even an apology for emotions and communications gone wrong.


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