Hoodoo, Astrology and the Four Elements

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July 30, 2017 by ameshall66

Astrology has long given us categories for the signs by element (air, earth, fire and water) and by their properties (cardinal, fixed and mutable). Most people understand the elements, but the qualities or properties and give us a coloration of each of the elements.

Fire signs are usually identified by their vigor, their energy and assertiveness. Like fire itself, they consume and overtake, adding brightness and light and warmth or heat. Water signs are malleable just like flowing water and connect to the receptive, emotional nature of life. They add depth and nurture. Air signs are connect to things of the mind, to thought, to speech, to breath, to quickness. They are light and detached. Earth signs are grounded in the earth itself, providing stability, solidness and connection to the material world.

Cardinal signs we typically find at the beginning of the seasons and indicate initiation, starts and the creative instinct to begin things. Fixed signs carry us through the main part of each season, the are more stable and sometimes stubborn in their approach. Persistence and longevity are their strengths. Mutable is seen at the end of the season and prepares us for the transition to the next season. Mutable signs are adaptable, pliable and transformative in their approach.

From this combination of the two we can look at hoodoo magical material from their elemental view and associate it with the various signs.


Aries (cardinal) – Aries initiates and drives forward the self and the ego. Work using fire for an Aries should be large and bold. Ceremonial fires, like bonfires or the burning of objects to ash are conducive to the Aries vibe. Ceremonial fires are also used frequently outdoors to mark the passing of the seasons and as the first sign of the zodiac the birth of spring is a universal rite.

Leo (fixed) – I would ascribe the tradition of lamp magic to Leo. As a fixed fire sign, the idea that we constantly refill our fuel in a lamp allowing it to burn continuously and brightly highlights the strength of Leo. Placing lamps in the window as a beacon or to shine light on ourselves is also a strong Leo quality.

Sagittarius (mutable) – the soft malleable quality of wax and it’s constant reshaping as it melts feels like a Sagittarian fire quality. As half-man and half-horse, figural candles are very closely related. It’s rulership by Jupiter, a planet of religiosity, connects well to 7 day votive candles and their origins as petitions to saints.


Capricorn (cardinal) – In the bleak winter, there is often little more than dirt and roots beneath the ground. Capricorn would work well with all types of dirt, but particularly graveyard and crossroads dirt. Roots dug up from the soil are also very related to the feeling of this sign and the potency of life that has not yet come forth.

Taurus (fixed) – Practically every Taurean I know loves their plants. They are usually great gardeners, so the use of the leafy parts of the plant and the blossoms have a strong connection to Taurus. The direct use of the herbs in mojo bags would be great.

Virgo (mutable) – Mutable signs are adept at transformation. Virgo is also known as the medicine chest sign, as natural caretakers and nurses. Transforming herbs into tinctures, teas, oils and potions of various kinds appeals to the insightful and studious mind of a Virgo.


Cancer (cardinal) – The Cancerian affinity to water and to the cycles of the Moon (its ruler) is hard to ignore. Baths work really well for Cancerian types. Including a bit of sea salt in the formulation ties them back to the ocean they love.

Scorpio (fixed) – What better describes fixed water than ice. Freezer spells – locking an enemy into ice is a great spell type. I also consider Scorpio to rule over water in deep locations like wells, so using dowsing or water witching might be very natural to them. An old-timey divination of peering down into a well through a mirror is also a great connection for them.

Pisces (mutable) – My immediate image of Pisces is of the ocean mist and spray. Perfumes and sprays might key into the mystical, intangible nature of Pisces and its mysterious ruler, Neptune. If you don’t have a spray bottle of Florida Water at your front door, or if you’ve never mixed a bit of condition oil with water into a spray bottle, or spritzed peace water, those are great ways to create an enveloping spiritual environment.


Libra (cardinal) – Incense, with its beautiful heady scent is easily the realm of Libra. Incense is often the initial opening of many religious rites and ceremonies. The Libra ruling planet, Venus, loves the luxurious perfumed scent.

Aquarius (fixed) – Aquarius’ is ruled by Uranus, which in turn rules electricity and magnetism. Lodestone and magnet magic might be of special interest to an Aquarian nature as this unseen force moves through space and through the air to draw things to it. Lodestones can be used for drawing love, money, luck and opportunities.

Gemini (mutable) – Geminis are often masters with their tongues and lips, they are quick witted and language is their natural habitat. Reciting psalms and prayers, holding whiskey in their mouth as they speak a charm, breathing into a mojo bag to enliven the spirit, these are all ways that Geminis can transmute words into magic.

From this, we can start to apply these ideas (and others – this is just a starter) to either enhance a person’s astrological profile or to compensate for where they might lack elemental presence. A man with an astrological profile lacking fire and mutability might benefit from the use of figural candles to urge him on in a love relationship where he needs both action and adaptability. A woman with a Gemini rising might enhance that strength an take on chanting or praying novenas to get to her goal.



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