Life Cycles and the Outer Planets: Pluto


August 29, 2014 by ameshall66

Oh, poor Pluto… once an official planet, it’s has been downgraded to dwarf planet status and seems to have a Napoleon complex. Discovered only in 1930, Pluto has an erratic orbit and takes a full 248 years to make it around the sun. At one point in its orbit it crosses Neptune’s orbit. Astrologically, Pluto has been assigned rulership to Scorpio and has taken on the deep transformational aspects of its namesake, the god of the underworld.

As no one yet has lived to see a Pluto return, our concern is mostly with its formation of a square (first forming at around age 62) and its transit through the signs. Perhaps it’s coincidental that the square coincides with the typical retirement age of 62/65 for many folks, it’s a time of transformation – transitioning into retirement age and a new and different sort of life.

For most folks, we want to look at the transit by sign in relation to other planets. Currently, Pluto is transiting Capricorn. So as it crosses the natal Sun of Capricorns, there may be major changes in their life depending on where that Sun is placed. While Saturn brings changes that require adjustment and discipline and Uranus creates unexpected change, Pluto’s action is longer, deeper and more substantial. It is the Phoenix rising from the ashes.

Not only do Capricorns need to be aware of this transit, but the other cardinal signs will see the effects strongly – Aries and Libra at the square will find they need to make adjustments and Cancer at the opposition needs to find balance or an understanding of how their weaknesses need to be transformed.

Depending on the area that Pluto is transiting, work might focus on that particular need – health, finances, relationship, etc. Overall, I would recommend a sequence of healing baths, clarity candles, and wearing planetary oil (Pluto) and zodiac oil (Capricorn or your own sign) to manage through this period. If giving up past issues, relationship, etc. are difficult a Cut and Clear bath may be useful.


One thought on “Life Cycles and the Outer Planets: Pluto

  1. Lynne says:

    Hi Professor Ames,
    This may call for another reading (focused more on my chart rather than the synastry chart), but how long does this transit usually last? I guess my main concern about how this affects my chart, is that my Capricorn moon is in my 8th house…so it worries me, especially regarding my mom.
    Thank you,

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