Why didn’t it work…?

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July 13, 2014 by ameshall66

It’s what we all hope for – spells that get results beyond the client’s imagination – desperate situations that miraculously turn around, lost loves reunited, dream jobs landed. And then, there are those other times when, despite our best work, prayer, intentions, petitions, and a slew of herbs and oils and candles, the work simple doesn’t work.

So, why does magic fail, why do the spells we create fall flat sometimes?

As a worker, I know I’m going out on a limb to say that sometimes the work I do, doesn’t work. I’d love to have a record and a reputation of getting awesome results every single time, but it just doesn’t happen. And quite frankly there are very few workers who nail it every time. Those who tell you they guarantee the work or that they have a 100% success rate are flat out lying to you and trying to cheat you out of your money.  Many workers will also not take on cases that divination shows will not go well, or of a certain type of work that have poor results over all (reconciliation is notoriously bad for results for instance) and there are kind-hearted workers who will take every case no matter how hopeless or how long a shot it is.

There seems to be a bias to believe that magic should work every time, but we don’t have that same expectation when we go to other professionals like doctors or psychologists. Not every patient gets well or better and even the most skilled surgeon has patients that die on the operating table. (Luckily, I don’t deal with matters of life and death, despite some of my clients’ claims of it… )

But then there are sometimes cases that seem to be identical in almost every way. A working that was madly successful in the past gets zero traction now. Why?

I’m leaving this as an open discussion because I don’t have all the answers, but here are a few:

  • Conflicting intentions – it’s human nature. The rat bastard that did us wrong and that we want crossed up and miserable we might also still love and would take him back in a hot second. Humans are complex and it’s quite possible that we want two conflicting things at the same time. We might really want that great job, but have a fear of the unknown or dread the idea that we’d have to uproot our lives to accomplish it.
  • Divine intercession – God, our spirit helpers, angels – whatever you want to call it, puts up a big NO to our petition for no other reason than this outcome is not what we need, is dangerous or keeps us from our intended larger goal. In most cases, time will tell and in hindsight we see that this hottie was actually a psychopath or that dream job was for a company that folded under scandal. We often find that we’ve dodged a bullet.
  • Trickster spirits and unhappy saints – I’m still forming my thoughts on this, but I did have a problem with trickster spirits that looked for any reason to cause some trouble and mischief. I’ve also been amply warned about payment of saints and the jealousy of other deities. St. Expedite is well known for wanting his payment and receiving it immediately. Santissima Muerte is known for being quite jealous and becoming unhappy sharing altar space with other deities. The solution is to do research and work with someone skilled and familiar with the needs and desires of the spirits at hand.
  • Bad match – the rapport between a client and a worker can often make a big difference in the work, although I find this to be one of the least common reasons. But if the communication isn’t right on target the worker might be approaching the situation different that how the client needs. If everyone is being honest in the situation, then one or the other should have the right to say, it’s just not clicking, can I recommend (or be recommended) to someone else?
  • Bad work – I hate to say this, but sometimes the work just isn’t well done – the components are off, the skills aren’t there to execute it, or the worker simply doesn’t know or have experience performing that type of work. It’s one of the reasons I am glad to be a member of an organization like AIRR that allows me to consult with other workers or to make a referral to another worker who specializes in that type of work. There’s also validation that the worker isn’t some fly-by-night huckster who read a book or Googled for love spells and hasn’t had any training or supervision.
  • Deception – often, despite good divination, the client is misrepresenting the situation. It may be out of embarrassment of their complicity in the situation, their fantasy of how they’d like it to be, but isn’t real, or they might hide other factors which have a huge influence on the situation.
  • A request from a bad place – Sometimes the motivation for a working is from a mental or emotional place that’s just not healthy. Sometimes we want outcomes purely because they are driven from a sense of greed, revenge, loneliness or low self-esteem. In these cases, a therapist is your best friend and not a rootworker. Work out the issues and have some clarity about the motivations underneath the request.
  • Bad conditions – astrologically speaking, there are times when the stars simply work against the type of work that we wish for. Hoodoo is generally a do-it-when-you-need-it sort of practice, but as an astrologer I have to take into consideration when things are misaligned or the situation is stacked against us. Mercury retrograde for instance, can really botch up communications and travel. A missed interview for a job because of traffic or a lost email can kill those chances completely.

I’d love to hear from folks about why they feel spell work fails, experiences and ways that we can help to ensure good and successful work every time. I’ll follow this up shortly with a companion piece that addresses how some of these obstacles an be overcome or mitigated.



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